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Hi, my name is Jeffrey Thrash. You may know me from my YouTube channel. I enjoy video games and cartoons and I like to create my own animations. Enjoy!

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I don't want celebrate TOO early yet, but I am proud to announce that I have been accepted for an internship at a start-up company! Not a horrid job in retail or groceries like my previous job, but a remote Blender animation job that actually uses my skills in computer art! This is an ideal situation for me!

It will last 5 months, but potentially lead to a job at the company. I am still committed to uploading some small art here, on Ko-fi and Linkedin, for every Saturday for the rest of 2021 and I have all of the pieces finished and ready--meaning I shouldn't miss any Saturday even if something comes up, other than maybe uploading a day early on a Friday on occasion. However, I will focus all of my artistic energy for the next 5 months solely on that internship and hopefully turning it into a long-term, paid job, so my uploads may dry up quite a bit in early 2022. Also, I will not be accepting commission and animation requests for a while and possibly even longer if I finally achieve my dream of being paid a (relatively) stable income doing art at a studio, because I will spend most of my remaining free time chipping away at big personal projects and not really worry about maintaining my social media presence anymore.

Rest assured, though, that I may go quiet for the best possible reason of being paid to do what I love, and that when I do upload here or elsewhere again, it will only be highly-polished and weird independent art that will be worth the incredibly long wait!

Also, in the short term I've been avoiding social media simply because I don't want to see any spoilers for Deltarune Chapter 2 until I finish the game myself. You understand, right?

UPDATE: Finished Deltarune Chapter 2. Go ahead and draw your sick Susie fanart like a real BIG SHOT!



2D and 3D Artist Looking to Provide Art!

Hello, my name is Jeffrey Thrash and I am an animator that specializes in traditional frame-by-frame animation and 3D modeling. I am available for work and my main tools of the trade include my iPad Pro (for 2D art) and a RTX 3060 laptop with Blender, B4Artists, Cycles/Eevee, Paint.net, SculptGL, and any other tools that will help me produce quality 3D art in the most efficient manner possible! My art tends to be stylized and I have a preference for drawing or sculpting hideous creatures similar to the ones you would see in "gross-ups" from Ren and Stimpy or SpongeBob SquarePants. I also have experience with writing comedy, sound design, and voice acting. Here are my prices:

2D (Single Character, Simplistic BG):

Sketch: $7

Black and White (B&W) Line Art Only: $15

Line Art + B&W Sketchy Shading: $25

Basic Color (No Shading or B&W Sketchy Shading): $35

Color + Cel Shading: $45

Painterly/Fully Rendered: $75

2D Animation (frame by frame): Contact me

3D (Character in Public Domain Sketchfab BG):

iPad/SculptGL sculpt (no rigging-friendly topology, but can be completed quickly): $50

Animation-ready 3D model: $100

3D Model with basic skeleton rig: $200

3D Model with basic skeleton rig/shape keys (.blend file format only): $300

3D Animation: Contact me

I generally only feel comfortable doing SFW art (outside of comedic Adult-Swim-like violence), so if you want NSFW art, I am not the one you want. I am at least comfortable doing characters that are sexy in a mainstream way (think Jessica Rabbit from Who Framed Roger Rabbit), including female BBWs and body-building men (although I am not gay or bi, I have far more experience with male anatomy).

I hope I can be of service and I will be more than happy to work with you!


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