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Hi, my name is Jeffrey Thrash. You may know me from my YouTube channel. I enjoy video games and cartoons and I like to create my own animations. Enjoy!

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Quality over Quality

Posted by jthrash - May 14th, 2021

After the admittedly-disappointing reception to my previous 2 animations across social media, I think I'm going to have to learn to be more patient and spend significantly more time on my 3D renders and animations. Basically, I'm going to try to spend around 3 months on still images and 6 months-to-a-year on animations, which means I will be a lot less active here outside of appreciating other people's art. The trade-off, though, is that hopefully my stuff will be FAR more polished when they do come out, and let's be honest, your favorite artists tend to be the ones that upload at a similar rate that JonTron uploads videos or we get a new "proper" Mario and Zelda game from Nintendo--The wait is annoying and tortuous, but when their beautiful art DOES eventually come out, your faith in humanity as a whole is temporarily restored! Likewise, I am capable of far more polished works than what I have been putting out so far, but I need to give myself a lot more time to actually polish my raw ideas in the first place.

I would also like to make more portfolio-worthy pieces so that I can finally get out of my retail/grocery job that is making me too physically exhausted most days to even sit up and load up Blender on my laptop for 30 minutes. Don't even get me started on the Karens and "Florida Men" (but in California) that actively go out of their way to make me as miserable as them, or how my boss keeps increasing my hours against my wishes so that I have to deal with them more and more...

Another thing I might work on is toning down the post-processing effects in my art. Renderers like Blender's Cycles and Eevee already produce some nice effects right out of the box (when done right) and I have a ton of easy 1-click LUTs that can easily achieve the final look I want, so adding tons of other effects like Bloom and even more Color Correction than what the LUT already achieved on top of all that other stuff results in a very gaudy-looking final result, as I have come to realize when looking at my last few submissions here. See you in 3-12 months!



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man- I wish u the best luck and nuts ya gonna need :0 me and others will be patienly waizing uwu