Hi, my name is Jeffrey Thrash. You may know me from my YouTube channel. I enjoy video games and cartoons and I like to create my own animations. Enjoy!

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Art Incoming + Reducing My Internet Carbon Footprint

Posted by jthrash - November 26th, 2022

I’m going to upload all the art I recently posted on Ko-fi. I’m probably not going to use Ko-fi anymore because the site really doesn’t seem to be growing (the most popular artists who actually work in the comic book, animation or video game industry seem to only muster around 500 followers total), plus between the sites dismal Search Engine (I can’t find my own page when I search “Jeff,” but I can find it when I type “Jeffrey”) and the fact that I’m pretty sure it’s punishing me for not buying a “Ko-fi Gold” subscription (though, to be fair, the website doesn’t seem to have ads or the revenue that comes from it) it’s basically impossible for any one to discover me on that site by accident.

To avoid fragmenting my Internet fanbase anyway, I’ll probably just post commission sheets in between major personal projects right here if I want extra money.

Perhaps a more consequential reason for me to trim the fat off my social media footprint, though, is that I’ve read some VERY sobering articles about the climate impact of our constant Internet usage and I could potentially make a massive difference as an individual simply by making some changes to how I post art. Here are some tips you can follow, and the other benefits they profit besides reducing our carbon footprints:

  • Optimize. For animations and videos, a good middle ground between quality and optimization is 720p resolution at 30 FPS (frames per second). This is obviously a boon to those of you with sucky Internet speeds, but still want to keep up with an artist’s work, plus 720p will still look “high definition” on all but the biggest 4KTV screens.
  • Delete art you’re no longer proud of—maybe keep it on a local hard drive or flash drive if you must archive it. I don’t know if I want to delete my old art from Newgrounds, since it does a fantastic job showing an artist’s progression throughout the years, but I do feel comfortable deleting poorly-performing YouTube videos of mine and my Ko-fi account entirely so people only get to see my absolute best outside of Newgrounds. Because of all the creeps out there, I should definitely prioritize deleting all the videos I made when I was only 16 or 17, similar to Caddicarus. Plus the good thing about websites that are terrible at archiving old works like most Big Tech sites (e.g. Facebook) is that I can safely delete obscure stuff from over a year ago and no one will know the difference because they only care about my newest content.
  • Set everything to Dark Mode. It can reduce battery drain anywhere between 1-28% AND it’s better for your eyes, especially at night!
  • Use privacy-focused Internet browsers like Brave combined with the environmentally-conscious search engine Ecosia (which is basically some form of Microsoft Bing). I especially love how Brave doubles as an ad-block for YouTube—Google doesn’t need the extra money.
  • For smaller, less evil websites like Newgrounds here, though, consider financially supporting them with a monthly subscription if you can. Most of the Internet’s carbon emissions come from these obnoxious ads, cookies and data trackers that slow websites to a crawl, but if Twitter’s financial woes are any indication, they are a necessary evil to keep websites “free” to anyone, so the least the most fortunate among us can do is give some of our income to sites we love so hopefully even free users will no longer be subjected to scuzzy ads.
  • No crypto, NFTs or cloud gaming, though I’m sure you already avoid a lot of this stuff anyway. Even AI art might be iffy due to relying on energy-guzzling graphics cards similar to crypto.

Hope this helps and makes my art more accessible to all of you!




I forgot—if you actually design websites or otherwise have the ability to choose your web font, just use the ones that come with your computer like Times New Roman—or Comic Sans and Papyrus if you want to annoy people on several levels. I’m not entirely sure how that helps, other than that Google Fonts in particular add privacy- and climate-busting trackers to your computers (I swear, in a perfect world, Google would be considered a trojan-horse virus by most antivirus software). But if it means less “GRAPHIC DESIGN IS MY PASSION”-looking images on the Internet, that would be greeeeaaaat.

yo, dude, i don't have a ko-fi it was on my plans doing one to see how it is, i have many social medias i use them strategically. also EOFS is eco-friendly then, it's resolution is 480p at 30fps nothing 4k fancy ecodestroying thing

Like with any social media, people tend to have different experiences, sometimes good and sometimes bad. Like I absolutely love it here on Newgrounds and people are so nice to me, but there are people here that get bullied and get their art Blammed for no reason at all and that makes me sad they can’t have it as good as me. I don’t have any strong feelings about Ko-fi, but it’s just deflating uploading art on there constantly for the past few years, promoting it constantly only for no one, not even one person, to even take a look at my page because Ko-fi itself is a bit unappealing to most people (no Dark Mode, for instance).

Maybe you’ll have better luck there, I did discover some great artists on Ko-fi first before finding them on Newgrounds too, but for me it’s perhaps best to focus on about 3 platforms where people seem to have better luck discovering me (YouTube, Newgrounds, and occasionally ArtStation) and maybe after a few more commissions or some more followers I can consider using Patreon or something like that instead.

Good for you for not making your EOFS episodes too excessively large for the Internet, but as technology advances surely you can allow yourself to upload it at 720p HD without too much of an impact?

@jthrash yeah that's right, i didn't had much luck on twitter, but i still have it, there are some people interesting to deal with there and besides i have some plans with twitter. I plan to remaster the EOFS eps on the future, higher quality like 720p or 1080p or something, with someone better at audio production to remaster the audio and or maybe someone to do some edits on the video and ting