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I Get Bored of Trends Easily...

Posted by jthrash - December 4th, 2023

Seeing WaPeach fanart all over NG was cool the first 5,000 or so times I saw it, but I'm sorry, it doesn't matter if your WaPeach submission is the greatest one yet, I've already reached the point where I'll just scroll past WaPeach art without clicking the "Favorite" Heart button or even leaving a 4-5 Star Review for more original stuff.

Personally, if this was an actual design Nintendo was considering at some point, I'm disappointed they didn't have the guts to make WaPeach uglier and more misshapen than Wario and Waluigi combined.

But anyway, this is sort of why I've shifted back to long-term animation projects these days. I don't really feel like I have anything to add to art memes like "WaPeach" or "Moushley" or "Arrow to the Knee," and I want to make more of the kind of stuff that people will hopefully watch and re-watch a decade from now--sort of like how I understand exactly zero of the pop culture references found in 1940s Looney Tunes shorts or the 1992 Disney version of Aladdin, yet that doesn't stop me at all from enjoying either classic, despite technically being "before my time."

Still, gotta appreciate the work ethic and talent required to make an amusing contribution to an Internet trend while it's at its most relevant. Probably wouldn't have looked into "WaPeach" in the first place if not for some cool earlier drawings I saw of her. I'm just saying I don't want to risk burnout myself trying to keep up with social media's latest barely-disguised fetish...




I friggin’ love digging through Mario beta content but this the first time I felt annoyed by one because I was fully aware how social media would respond the moment I first saw it. And it’s not even a good design!

Wow, just looked up wapeach.

And just... Severely underwelmed. On how offensively bland that design is. Bowsette had something going on at least.
At the sound of the name I thought: oh? Crazy lanky mean-spirited nasty lookin' lady? That oughta be interesting.
But nope, just your average dime a dozen boring, cute, done-to-death young anime girl design.... sigh...

Probably why the design never became canon, honestly. Just not interesting compared to the rest of the Mario cast. Especially the male side of the cast--why can't the female Mario characters ever be as weird-looking and fat as the male characters, outside of maybe Madame Flurry and the (temporary) Elephant forms of Peach, Daisy and Toadette? If I were a woman, I would probably be annoyed that the female characters are held to such a higher beauty standard!

Very fair and respectable stance. I get where you're coming from.

I just today realized about WaPeach's existence because of this site and it looks like it is already overmilked...

That's the way these Internet art trends go.

Same, im getting bored aswell, is like, this sites wants to get more art of the same characters over and overtime, which at some point getting bored, and infact, that art was still shown in the art portal for several days art first and then slowly gone in like the first week

What i hate about this site is, their daily art featured is mostly the same characters, and there's a small chance for small artist to get featured if drawing the same character as theirs, is like forcing an artist to draw those to get popular

Yeah, Newgrounds is just like the other websites (Instagram, X/Twitter) in that the "popular" art all kind of looks the same. Thankfully I don't really pay attention to the Front Page Art for the most part, it's more fun digging around a bit for the truly weird and creative stuff!

so true bestie.... though i don't really have anything to add other than to echo that i don't like wapeach too lmao

I never said I disliked WaPeach, just that I got bored of seeing tons of fan art of her quickly, just like pretty much every other Internet art trend such as Italian Tifa or Moushley.

Agreed. Seems like almost every artist I'm following here has already done their own rendition of WaPeach (Would this be considered FOMO idk?). I, too, thought that a "Wa" princess would get the same concept look that Wario & Waluigi has (but in female form); the direction they went in w/ WaPeach is.... well... very telling of the industry.

Can't keep up w/ trends; Don't wanna feel rushed to do things ONLY within a certain time frame of relevance, & then feel guilty (& shamed) for being tardy to the party or absent altogether. I'd rather make what I like, when I feel like it, on my own terms, & not just for social attention/approval/acceptance/relevance.

yo it's always like that, a lot of artists trying to get a good luck out of a character on hype, it's always worth a try, who knows your art get some lucky. I particularly don't care much about those on hype characters, people hype on them then later basically nobody cares about them anymore, sometimes a cool character like pombi appears, pombi was trve kvte i liked that character. I surely ain't the kind of guy who gets influenced by the masses either

I would maybe try to keep up with these fads if I wasn't so busy all the time with longer-term projects.

@jthrash well, i think for guys like we it's not very interesting to keep trying to surf on the hypes as it's not helping that much on our goals. My goal is to get eofs popular and profitable to me and your goal is to get job on a famous studio and do side projects by running errands to other guys who pays. Getting popular drawing characters are better for people like venomsquid, finasty, who wants to get followers, comissions, patreons, etc

I'm glad to see I wasn't the only one that feels this way.
These types of trends get bland pretty quick .
I wasn't so upset the first one or two days, but after that I was like darn, is that all it's gonna be? Lol